About My CFO Plan

Ask Yourself:

Are you over-paying for financial reports?

Do you need financial reporting that makes sense?

Is your business stuck in low gear?

Do you need an affordable, reliable finance and accounting system?

Accelerate Your Business

As a business operator, it's important to have total visibility and insight into the financials of your entire operational system. To be successful you need to:

  • Catch problems early.
  • Replicate successes.
  • Ensure overall profitability.
  • Know your key performance numbers.


Do it right the first time. Avoid the expense and pain of having to build reliable robut organizational processes after bad habits have been institutionalized.


It Is a Partnership Of Needs:

We create a standard chart of accounts standards for reporting:


Cost of Sales


Operating Expense

About Our Founder

Our Founder is a Senior Financial Executive with a well-seasoned background in venues ranging from start-up through mature multi-national operations. Ed is a well-regarded leader; he is skilled in consensus building, particularly adept at reorganizing and allocating resources to exceed financial performance goals. Ed, a licensed CPA, has a Master's Degree in Business Administration focused in Finance from Georgia State University and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Engineering from Lehigh University.


Ed's strengths include:

  • Leading cost containment and control initiatives.
  • Due diligences, acquisition management and consolidation of multiple businesses.
  • Growth and development strategies for small business operators.
  • Financial Analysis and reporting for investors, board of directors as well as business leaders.



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